Production – a question of proximity and nerdiness

June 29, 2015


At first the guys thought about handling the production in the traditional way where the designer collaborates with a manufacturer.

”But when you are producing things with the quality and the level of details that we do, good communication and a trust between designer and manufacturer is vital. We believe, also based on experience we’ve had with China and India, that proximity is necessary to make quality.”

So Christian and Jasper produce their own furniture.

Of course some of the components are made by subsuppliers. But the point is that the guys don’t force their design to fit some existing production facilities. It’s a question of what they need to create their design, rather than what is available to create design from. This is also why they had to invent a range of tools and moulds by themselves. In order to make the components they needed, they had to create tools that could make those components.

“A designer’s freedom is quickly limited by the height, width and thickness of the foam, the limitations of bending wire parts and other things based on how things are now at this very moment. But that’s is not what we want.”

Christian and Jasper want to be in it. In the design and in the process. They want to follow and understand the process instead of being left with an idea that you have to just hope that a craftsman can turn into reality. Pretty much like in the case of the upholstery back at the very beginning.

Besides all this, at the end of the day this is also what gives the guys a kick. Where they turn into craft-geeks.

“We just flat out love the crafts part. Sitting around with materials, shaping and experimenting and then all of sudden you have created something. Not everyone gets to experience that. Everyone loves to see things being brought to life, but not everyone has the pleasure of actually doing it yourself.”

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