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Going on

Going big and actually letting go

May 10, 2015


The guys have decided that they will make a grand effort for the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2016, and the preparations have already started. In order to make a cool design for the fair, they have met with a company, which specializes in walls. Also for the first time Christian and Jasper have put some of their “always do it yourself” aside and have hired a professional photographer. They both agreed it was amazing to have somebody with the right skills and equipment take the pictures and do his thing.

“Actually it was kind of an eye opener for me to see, how important it is to delegate some of the assignment, if we want to grow bigger. Until now we’ve had no other options than doing everything ourselves, but now I think we are heading towards a new phase, where we can focus on the things that we do best and let other people do what they do best.”

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Film: Passion of the making

April 27, 2015

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A part time filmmaker and old friend of Jasper heard about the O & D-project. And loved it of course. Just as much as I did, when I first heard of the story. So he and a friend of his decided to make a small movie about the Overgaard & Dyrman universe.

Two days of workshop, retakes, metalwork, leatherwork and cameras running resulted in this fabulous piece. It shows Jasper and Christian and the whole O&D universe in a very neat way:

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Collaboration across countries and professions

April 22, 2015


A few weeks ago Jasper and Christian had a visitor at the showroom. Her name was Dagmar Kestner and she is a young fashion designer from Berlin. Dagmar Kestner is a part of the Worth Project, which is a EU-funded project focusing on making connections and crossing borders with design, craft and manufacturer across Europe.

Dagmar Kestner is not a furniture designer. But Jasper and Christian are fascinated with her techniques and the details in her work. In about six months the exciting collaboration between Dagmar and Overgaard and Dyrman will result in an innovative new product. And while Dagmar and a Worth Project representative were working in the showroom, Christian and Jasper had a chat.

“While Dagmar and the representative were working, and a painter was preparing walls for a photoshoot, we talked about how cool it was that things were happening without our interference. It’s just perfect to see the company evolve, even without our hands carrying out the work.”

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Bag it

January 30, 2015


1606477_681602295288173_564681186991301049_o 10866048_681602135288189_5626020636437861952_o

In December 2014 Christian and Jasper made some special Christmas gifts: beautiful leather tote bags from the leather leftovers.

“But we are not going to put this into production. The focus is still on furniture for now – even though we consider ourselves a brand, and not ‘just’ a furniture company. In the future we will consider making some custom made limited products from the leftover material from our production. But for now the furniture has our full attention.”

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Winning prizes

January 23, 2015


On October 30th Christian and Jasper were invited to a very neat event – the World Interiors News Award Show in Saatchi Gallery in London. And as it turns out – the guys won for best furniture.

”We are thrilled that the jury sees the quality of our furniture. We’ve always believed that we were on the right track, but as our furniture in many ways is a niche product, we didn’t expect to be among the winners in this contest – especially not considering the 60 very much qualified contestants from 20 countries and with grand players like Moroso, Artek and Ligne Roset among them.”

Well-deserved and pretty awesome!


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And we’re live…

October 20, 2014


Welcom to Building a Brand. What is this project?

Well, it’s the story of building a brand. It’s the story of two young Danish guys with skills, ambition and guts. Two guys, Christian and Jasper, heading for the stars with their dream goal: building the brand ‘Overgaard & Dyrman’.

Oh yet another aspiring entrepeneur with great ideas, you might think now. Yes, indeed. But these guys are different. They’ve already accomplished things that the industry has marked as impossible. They didn’t compromise. They didn’t give up. They didn’t sell out. They didn’t give up their dream for a wellpaid day job. They wanted a life with passion and business focusing on quality, the art of handcraft, perfection and keeping it local. This is their story.

A bit glittery? A bit too much? Maybe. But what if these guys are really building a brand? The brand?

Follow the journey. You might learn something.

Pssst….check out the website here. And if you’re wondering about my connection to this project go to “About“.